Saturday, December 15, 2012

These are fibers I fused to fast to fuse and will use them in a collage fabric picture.
Seems University Hospital messed scheduling up once again for us.  I need to remember if an appointment changes for him that other appointment has to change also...meaning if he gets a cat scan and the time/day gets changed the doctor appointment after has to change also.  University called Wednesday night to say his CT was Thursday and I fell over as I have down both CT and Doctor appointment is next Thursday.  After several phone calls and throwing fits the CT is now rescheduled for 8:40am next Thursday and the doctor appointment is still at 10:40am.

I had called the group home so Norm was ready to go Thursday morning and my cousin was already in route here for that appointment, so we all went out to breakfast.  No wonder my blood pressure peaks when I have to deal with University and I found out from the owner of the group home that Cleveland Clinic messes scheduling up also.  It's a wonder patients don't get messed up at these places.

Norm is fine for the most part.  Today at the home Kate (owner) had a violinist doing Christmas music and she served hot chocolate and cookies.  I will be going there Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We were invited to my cousin's but I think we'll stay on this side of town this year.

I'm working on finishing up a beaded doll that has been sitting on my table for almost  a year now.  Just the legs need to be done.


Mary said...

Peggy, I love the fused fibers. Perhaps I need to get some of that fast fuse for what I have around the house in my ribbon and fiber bin.

Peggy said...

Hi Peggy, those fibres look beautiful you are always trying new things! Wishing you and Norm a very Happy Christmas and New year.

Pam said...

Love thoose fused fibers. Hope all goes well with Norm during the holiday season.