Sunday, December 9, 2012

These are the pictures I made the caregivers over where Norm lives.  I made most of the papers and dyed the fabrics.  The hook rug green inchie a friend made me in a swap and so decided to use it.  I made the polymer clay piece in the other picture as well.  I enjoyed doing these.
Norm is doing well.  I had him to lunch on Friday.  He was iffy with transferring on Saturday, but the weather here has been very damp and so this could have bothered his knee.  Today they said he's fine and he was sitting on the enclosed porch that they have there.

I spent the weekend cleaning my artroom.  That took a few hours, mainly because I had to put things away.  I did take pictures of it clean!  Did clean the rest of the house and did laundry as well.  Today I did some cooking.  Made a meat loaf as Norm loves cold meat loaf sandwiches.  Will be stocking my senior friend up again as well.

Brandy is suppose to go to the vet tomorrow for shots (hard to believe I've had her a year), but if it's raining I'll reschedule.  She's not crazy about going in the car and if she has to go in and out several times she'll be ticked as I had planned to take her to see Norm as well.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Barbara said...

Lovely original works of art for the caregivers! You are a peach!

Mary said...

Lovely artwork that is so detailed.

Mary said...

Unless you can see these up close and personal, you aren't aware of the detail that is on these lovely pictures. Peggy, your art always amazes me as you are so versitile in what you use.

Can't believe you have had Brandy a year either. She is such a sweet looking dog and yet I know she can be a handful.

Glad Norm is getting better, so to speak.

Julie said...

You are so talented!! These are beautiful.