Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tomorrow I will have Brandy a year, hard to believe, but she is a cutie.   Yesterday she went for her shots and to see Norm.
Speaking of Norm he's doing well for the most part.  Gets ornery at times, so I'm glad they deal with that and not me.

Tonight is an art guild class and we will be making a pine bow wreath.  I cut my branches Thursday while it was still dry and not so cold out, our upper lot is lined with pine trees and we were to fill a grocery bag full with them.

Tomorrow is haircut day.  I went last week...ha!  Wrong week, I think I lost track of time between hurricane Sandy (only partial power for a week) and the driveway getting fixed.  Tomorrow is the actual day.  Need to tell Shari to give me a card with dates on for the fridge.

Brandy has been enjoying her walks in the morning...in fact at the vet she had lost  2 pounds which is fine as she's suppose to be at 10 pounds I think,  We've gone between rains and this morning we went during "Wizard of Oz" flakes.


Parsley said...

She has a really sweet face.

Pam said...

I remember when you got her... what a cutie.