Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The above picture is of my niece's kids Michael and Joe.  Michael is 18 and 7' tall.  Joe is no shrimp, but is next to Michael!  They just got back from FL where on Thursday they were in a barbershop singing competition and came in 4th in the world.  We're all excited and the kids especially since it was their first time flying. From what the doctor told me yesterday it's allergies due to the up and down temperatures we have been having. So he prescribed singular for me also cleaned out my ears while I was there...yuck. He told me to keep Norm off the baby aspirin (he hasn't been on it since the gout episode in Fall). Norm was doing well when I saw him yesterday. In fact when I called Kate later to tell her about the aspirin, she told me they caught Norm trying to get out of his there then here where he is watched more closely. I did not see him today. Today was haircut, JoAnns and Pets Mart.


Pam said...

Nice looking young men. They must be so proud of their accomplishment (and you too).

Karen Mallory said...

Handsome young men! They look like me had hubby together. I am 5'1" and hubby is 6'4"!
hugs Karen