Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weather has been gorgeous, hope everyone is enjoying it.  I am starting to see lots of reds in the leaves!  Things here are quiet...yea!  Just health paperwork to be done since I'm turning 65 in January.  Medicare actually had my maiden name on my card, so that goes back to Social Security, etc. etc.  All things are taken care of, now onto the new drug plan.  The union has changed it...all our co-pays will remain the same so this is good, just paperwork and new scripts from the doctor to get it going.  This witch is from Retro CafĂ©.  I just love their stuff.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Whew busy runaround week.  I did take Norm for a long ride on Wednesday, so he was happy to "get the stink blown off him" as I call it.  He hadn't been out since June!  I cannot handle getting him in and out of the car anymore, so I've decided rides are the next best thing.  Also when we got back Love n Care had music so he had a full day.  Tomorrow is the Independence Art Guild brunch, so I'm looking forward to it.  I'm in a new swapping group over in Facebook and I am loving it actually!  Very different things for me like the boxes.  This time we did cake boxes.  My partner and I decided to enlarge them, as usual the mechanics of things (enlarging) don't work for me so my partner sent me her pattern...LOL.  The pink one is the one I did for her and the aqua one is the one she sent me.  We were also to make an ATC and 3 stick pins.  I rarely choose aqua or blues, but this is gorgeous and she made all the flowers!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm not seeing the hummingbirds and know they don't leave yet, but my flowers here are done.  So I sent the hummingbirds over to my friend's house about 2 streets away.  I've gotten out Fall things and Halloween things.  Norm is doing fine, he's hilarious as they say at Love n Care.  I am able to bring him in O'Doul's beer and he is on cloud nine.  As long as there's no alcohol in it he can have it (this goes back to when he had the gout).  So here he is at dinner enjoying the beer.  Oh yes and the man can still eat.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend, we had rain off and on.  I spent the afternoon with Norm at Love n Care, they had a nice cookout.  I've been cutting back flowers that are finished.  I notice the hummingbirds are guzzling up getting ready for their journey South.  This is an altered box from Elaine in Australia.  I'm in The Craft Hole on FB and we were to create a 3"x3" box for a challenge and Elaine and I turned it into a swap.  For the Craft Hole they require you to do 2 challenges before initially swapping, but Elaine and I did the swap on a private side.  Her box is the Alice in Wonderland theme (love, love, love it) and mine is the bottom box.  We were to make them out of chipboard. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Decided it's time to post a picture of Brandy, she's doing fine and enjoying time in the yard.  Took her for her bath/nail trim and she's bent out of shape after it, so will be more back to normal tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a happy Labor Day weekend, Love n Care is having a cookout on Monday afternoon, so I will be there, Norm is doing fine.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The word of the day is humid...ugh, I feel like I'm in Fiji when I step outside and yes I have been there!  Hard to believe we're winding down on nature pictures!  But this beauty has been gracing our yard lately.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Enjoying the beauty of our yard.  I need to add more tall stuff to main flowerbed.  The guys were here yesterday to trim bushes, pull out what I wanted pulled out and also cut grass.  Finally getting out of my slump so this is good also.  Since we moved the blackeyed susans from the back (they were in pots) to the front and put them in the ground, they took off this year and are so beautiful!  They are also very tall from all the rain, got this shot with a goldfinch sitting on it.  Norm is doing fine.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Still thinking of closing my blog down since I do most everything over on FB.  Our weather is gorgeous for the most part.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  I found this Artchix tin in a bag of stuff I cleaned out from the art closet, so decided I better get it altered!  I used alcohol inks on it.