Saturday, July 26, 2014

All is quiet here, Brandy and I have been enjoying the yard.  We get a hot day here and there.  I'm loving the summer as long as we don't get heavy downpours within a short period of time.  Guys came yesterday to cut.  Doing some art here and there, but I usually take the summer off.  This is a mermaid I did for a swap in the flicker art group.  Norm is doing fine.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Weather has been calm, we are due for rain tomorrow, nothing major thank goodness.  I like the new dryer, it has a bigger drum then the old one and a light inside!  I was right, the air conditioner just needed a good cleaning.  Norm is funny he says I need to spend the night at Love n Care once a week...LOL.  It would definitely be different for Brandy, she would be with me of course.  She and I have been enjoying the yard this year.  I still need more color in my main flower bed like pinks and blues, so I'm working on that, have some things ordered for Fall planting.  This is an upside down gold finch feeder and I finally got a picture of one on it.  Only gold finches can feed from it which is good.

Friday, July 11, 2014

I hate maintenance, or I should say when it comes all at once on the house.  I was fine with doing the other half of the basement and having the battery sump pump installed.  That would have been enough right there.  Then our 30+ year old dryer decided to quit.  I'm not sorry, but it could have waited a couple of months...LOL.  Now the air conditioner isn't right, but a friend is coming tomorrow for that.  Hopefully all it needs is cleaning.  I cannot complain about the weather except for the heavy rains.  Gosh they were bad, then the air raid siren in the beginning of the week and tornadoes touched down southwest of here where they had already been hit a few weeks before.  At least now Brandy and I have a place in the basement that's all cleaned up for going down there so this is good.  Love n Care had a 4th of July picnic.  Here's a picture of Norm and I.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July to all may you have a safe one, I will be calming Brandy tonight.  I did a silly thing and hit delete on my 3 comments that I had in the previous post.  One of those days!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Whew hot/humid, I think we are to cool down for a few days over the weekend.  New dryer gets delivered tomorrow, so I'm glad that will be out of the way.  Norm's finger is healing nicely and he's doing fine.  Hope everyone has a good/safe 4th of July.  This is the last 4th of July item.  It's a pattern from Under the Garden Moon.  Wool/felt all hand was difficult as it was 4 layers of wool!  I love it though and don't know how many of these I will do.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gosh it's humid!  My dryer went today, so had to get a new one.  The old one doesn't owe me anything it's 30+ years old.  Yes, I know they don't make things the way they use to, it's just a fact of life, but a dry/washer, etc. are necessary things in life.  I'm glad we have the $$ to buy it and do have the basement done.

The first spool is one I did for a swap in Artful Swappers and the 2nd spool is the one I received from Pam Imoff.  Trying to get 4th of July stuff in this week!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Busy week!  Wednesday we went to the orthopedic doctor and the stitches came out of Norm's finger.  I believe there were 5 stitches.  The finger is healing nicely, the swelling will go down in time.  From there we treated him to Olive Garden, actually a nice treat for all!  My cousin and his wife took us.  B-dry for the basement was here Thursday and Friday, to extend the drainage system they had put in long before we moved in here.  That's all done, so now my handyman (who is out of town putting up Marco's pizzas in the south!) has to seal it and paint it.  Also a battery back up sump pump was installed.  Brandy's fine and has been enjoying lots of outside time on her own.  I did get a microchip put in her since she "escaped" from her previous owners and I can see how easily she can do that.  She loved the attention the workers gave her...LOL...

Did this liberty bell.  The idea came from Old Annie's Primitives.  Since I can't really do "grunge" due to sinus issues, I didn't grunge it.  I also got the template from doing a search through yahoo.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Norm's doing really well since the surgery.  He's eating up a storm.  Kate (owner of Love n Care) says he lives to eat and I said that's good that's what keeps him going.  He's all smiles and is anxious for the bandages to come off, but that won't happen until the 18th when we go back to the surgeon.  Doctor said not to disturb anything until then.  I do know the bleeding has stopped now and the swelling in his other fingers has gone down.

This is "Ester" in honor of Grandma Walton.  Pattern is a primitive style pattern from Moonchild Primitives.  She's 15" high.